Austrobaileya Journal

Austrobaileya [ISSN 0155-4131 (print), ERA Journal ID 123388] is the annual scientific journal of the Queensland Herbarium, publishing original research on plants, algae, fungi and lichens, with special emphasis on Queensland, tropical Australia and nearby countries.  This includes taxonomic revisions, phylogenetic research, biogeographical and conservation biology studies, papers describing new taxa, and communications documenting significant new records or resolving nomenclatural matters. Additional topics may be accepted by the editor, including botanical history and ethnobotanical studies. All manuscripts are peer reviewed.

Information for authors

Papers may be submitted at any time for online publication. Deadline for manuscripts is 30 April for print publication in December. The instructions for authors (PDF, 263KB) provide a guide for manuscript preparation. Any queries should be directed to the editor, Austrobaileya, contact us.

Subscriptions and exchange

Australian subscribers (print only): Orders for single issues and subscriptions may be placed. The price is (GST included): AUD$48.00 per issue for individuals, AUD$80.00 for institutions, including postage.

Overseas subscribers (print only): Orders for single issues and subscriptions may be placed. The price is AUD POA per issue for individuals, AUD$100.00 for institutions, including postage.

Austrobaileya is distributed on the basis of exchange.

Past volumes

Austrobaileya volumes 1–9(2) (1977-2015) and issues of the Contributions from the Queensland Herbarium (1–20) (1968-1977) are available from JSTOR . Back issues of some volumes are also available, along with a full list of contents, contact us.


The journal was first published in 1977, replacing Contributions from the Queensland Herbarium (1968 –1977). The journal was renamed after the Queensland endemic genus Austrobaileya, first described by C.T.White in 1933 from north Queensland. It has a single species, Austrobaileya scandens C.T.White and is currently assigned to a family of its own, Austrobaileyaceae, with affinities to a number of primitive families. The full set includes 535 scientific papers with descriptions of more than 1,000 species new to science.

Online content

Individual articles are published free online for the first time in 2015. Subscription are still required for print version.

Austrobaileya 10(2) (2018)

Published 14 November 2018

Contributed papers

Austrobaileya 10(1) (2017)

Published 18 December 2017

Contributed papers

Austrobaileya 9(4) (2016)

Published 8 December 2016

Contributed papers

Austrobaileya 9(3) (2015)

Published 3 November 2015

Contributed papers