Paying rent on your lease, licence or permit to occupy

Landholders of state leases, licences and permits to occupy are required to pay an annual rent.

Due date

Annual rents are due on 1 September of the financial year for which the rent is payable. Invoices are normally issued before the end of July.

Quarterly payments

Landholders in the following rental categories are eligible to make quarterly payments when their annual rent is greater than $2,000:

  • Category 11 – primary production, including aquaculture, viticulture and agriculture
  • Category 12 – residential
  • Category 13 – business and government core business
  • Category 14.2 – large sporting or recreational clubs with more than 2,000 members.

Quarterly payments are only available on individual tenures.

If eligible, you will be sent an invoice for the quarterly payment about 30 days before it is due.

Payments are due on 1 September, 1 December, 1 March and 1 June.

If you would prefer to make a single payment for the total annual rent, email or call 1800 841 397 to speak to a member of our rental team.

Penalty on late payment

If you do not pay the rent within the time prescribed on the invoice, you will be required to pay penalty interest on the rent outstanding until the day the rent is paid. This is in addition to the rent.

Penalty interest rate

The penalty interest rate, accruing daily and compounding monthly, is 2% above the Suncorp-Metway business variable lending rate as at 1 July of the annual billing period.

Hardship assistance

If you are suffering hardship, you may be eligible for a deferral of rent or instalments. If your lease is for residential purposes, you may also be eligible for a reduction of rent.

Drought assistance land rent rebate

The Queensland Government recognises that the widespread drought across the state is causing many landholders severe hardship. Landholders of rural leases may be eligible for the drought assistance rebate.

Rental clearance reports

If you need a report showing all outstanding rent and penalties (e.g. when transferring a lease or licence), you can request this by emailing

If you are the purchaser or an agent acting for one of the parties, you can obtain a report by emailing as long as you can provide either a:

  • copy of the contract of sale
  • letter of authority from the current leaseholder or licence holder.

Find out more about the transferring a lease or licence.