Property checks

If you would like to purchase or research a property, there are several checks and online searches that you can undertake to ensure you are aware of the registered interests, administrative advices or notifications under the Vegetation Management Act 1999 that may apply to the land.

Land title searches

In order to find out information about land title, you can purchase property titles and survey plans from Titles Queensland.


If there is a notification linked to the Vegetation Management Act 1999 on the property it will be detailed as an 'administrative advice', see the example below.

If you see 'veg notice' applied to the property, you should seek further information. You can obtain copies of Title Registry forms that apply to the property. These forms are issued with a dealing number which is your reference to use when enquiring about Title Registry forms.

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Example of administrative advices for vegetation management

Each 'veg notice' has a dealing number. Every dealing number is a separate item attached to the land by the Department of Resources for a vegetation management-related matter. There are 3 types of administrative advice that you may find:

To find out more information about these types of advice and how they apply to your land, you should contact the Department of Resources.

Property reports

A property report is the first step in identifying clearing requirements. It consists of property-specific information and maps showing the vegetation categories needed to determine regulated clearing requirements.

You can access a free online property report. All you need is a lot and plan description and an email address. The same information can also be viewed through Queensland Globe.

The property report also indicates (in section 3.1) whether there is a property map of assessable vegetation (PMAV) applicable to the property.

Property map of assessable vegetation (PMAV)

A PMAV is a property-scale map that shows the boundaries of vegetation categories on the property. You can apply for or correct a PMAV if required.

Once a PMAV is made, it amends the regulated vegetation management map (RVMM). These mapping updates occur monthly so the property report or the Queensland Globe will generally show current mapping where a PMAV has been made. PMAVs apply to the land and are not impacted by a change of property ownership.

In most cases you would not need to purchase a copy of a certified PMAV, however you can get a copy of a certified PMAV by completing the application form (PDF, 86KB). An application fee of $44.51 applies.

Other laws that apply to clearing

In addition to the vegetation management framework, clearing activities may also be regulated under other Queensland Government legislation, Australian Government legislation and local government requirements. Possible searches include:

Historic dealings

Amendments to the (now repealed) Sustainable Planning Act 2009 that came into effect on the 1st of July 2013 resulted in the State Assessment and Referral Agency becoming the sole decision maker for assessment management and agency responses. As a result, the Department of Resources stopped recording particular matters in the land registry. This means that an 'administrative advice' placed on a title prior to July 2013 may include details for an historic referral agency development approval.

This approval may now be obsolete if it does not contain enduring conditions that affect clearing, in which case it can be removed from title records free of charge. Contact the Department of Resources to discuss removing an administrative advice.

Current development applications

If you would like to investigate recent development applications and approvals (since July 2013), the best place to start is to contact the relevant local government authority. You can also visit a State Assessment and Referral Agency business centre or contact 13QGOV (13 74 68).

To search for development applications where the State Assessment and Referral Agency is the assessment manager, visit State Development.