About the Queensland Heritage Register

Search the Queensland Heritage Register.

The Queensland Heritage Register is a list of places that have cultural heritage significance to the people of Queensland.

Places in the register fall into two categories:

  • State Heritage Place—These places are significant as they contribute to our understanding of the wider pattern and evolution of Queensland’s history and heritage. Cultural heritage criteria are used to evaluate the significance of heritage places. More detail on the criteria can be found in the Guideline: Assessing Cultural heritage significance – Using the cultural heritage criteria (PDF, 5.5 MB) .
  • Protected Areas—Have strong heritage values that are vulnerable and under threat. A permit is required to enter or conduct work within a protected area.

Types of places in the register are diverse and include:

  • sites of public recreation, parks and gardens
  • rural homesteads, suburban houses, flats, caravan parks
  • community halls, theatres, picture theatres, showgrounds
  • churches, places of worship, sites of public commemoration, burial places
  • commercial buildings
  • government buildings including schools, police stations, courthouses, post offices
  • factories, industrial sites, mining sites
  • roads, bridges, railways, railway infrastructure.

The Queensland Heritage Register does not include places of:

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage, unless the place shared heritage values (such as the Glass House Mountains). Places with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage values are managed and protected separately (refer to the work of the Cultural Heritage Unit in the Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships.
  • Places of local heritage significance. Significant local heritage places may be entered in a Local Heritage Register or identified in a local government planning scheme. For information about local heritage registers contact the relevant local government.

Search the register

A search of the Queensland Heritage Register provides information about those places entered in the register including their heritage significance and values, history, description and location.

You can search using a range of different criteria including type of place (e.g. church), town/suburb (e.g. Brisbane), design period (early 20th century) or style (e.g. art deco).

Information and details provided in the search are only part of the full Queensland Heritage Register entry and should not be taken as an official entry.

There is no fee for searching the Queensland Heritage Register.

For further information about a State Heritage Place or Protected Area you can request a Certificate of Affect or a Certified Copy of Entry.

Certificate of Affect

A Certificate of Affect will show you if a property is affected by the provisions of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, such as if it is entered in the Register or currently the subject of a application to have it considered for entry in the Register.

You may require a Certificate of Affect:

  • As part of the conveyancing process when buying a property if you believe there is a chance that any structure or feature on the property/lot may have heritage significance.
  • If you are considering developing or changing the use of the lot or any structure or feature on it.

You can Request a Certificate of Affect online or submit a manual Application form: Request for certificate of affect (DOC, 148 KB) by mail.

There is a fee associated with requesting a Certificate of Affect.

Certified Copy of Entry

A Certified Copy of Entry is an official copy of an entry in the Queensland Heritage Register. For heritage owners, it provides additional information including details about the property’s heritage significance, features and boundaries.

Request a Certified Copy of Entry by submitting Application form: Request for certified copy of entry (DOCX, 93 KB) . There is a fee associated with requesting a Certified Copy of Entry.

For information or advice about the Queensland Heritage Register email heritage@des.qld.gov.au or phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) and ask to speak to a Heritage Branch officer.

Report a Queensland Heritage Place issue or incident

Issues or incidents affecting Queensland heritage places that should be reported include:

  • suspected unapproved works such as demolition of a heritage building or parts of it
  • a place in a very dilapidated condition where maintenance is not being undertaken or the place has even been abandoned
  • emergency situations such as flooding, cyclones or fire causing damage
  • the discovery of important archaeological artefacts.

How to report

To report an issue affecting a Queensland heritage place:

  • phone the Department of Environment and Science on 1300 130 372 (option 2).
    Reports can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’ll need the following information when making a report:

  • Your details (name, phone, address, email)
  • Details of the heritage place (location, address)
  • Time and date of issue or incident
  • Description of issue or incident
  • Description of heritage values being affected.

If you choose to make an anonymous report, it will affect the department’s ability to provide you with outcomes regarding the investigation into the report.