Adding or removing a place on the register

Adding or removing a State Heritage Place

The Application Guide: Entering a State Heritage Place in the Queensland Heritage Register (PDF, 294KB) and Application Guide: Removing a State Heritage Place from the Queensland Heritage Register (PDF, 166KB) explain how you can apply to have a place added to, or removed from, the Queensland Heritage Register. These guides also contain a checklist to assist you with completing your application.

Once an application is lodged with us, we publish a public notice to advise it has been received and to invite public submissions about the application. We then undertake an assessment process which involves researching the history of the place, conducting a site visit and considering all public submissions received. The proposed place is then assessed against the eight cultural heritage criteria. These are explained in detail in the Guideline: Assessing Cultural heritage significance—Using the cultural heritage criteria (PDF, 5.54MB).

When our assessment is complete, we make a recommendation to the Queensland Heritage Council, which decides whether to add the place to, or remove it from, the Queensland Heritage Register.

Applications currently being assessed or awaiting a decision of the Queensland Heritage Council can be viewed online.

Owner’s rights and responsibilities

Any person or entity can apply to have a place added to, or removed from, the Queensland Heritage Register, with or without the owner’s consent.

As an owner you will be notified at all key stages of the registration process and are encouraged to discuss the application and its assessment with us at any stage. You also have an opportunity for a formal discussion and the right to make a submission about the potential entry, including the right to request to make a representation to the Queensland Heritage Council.

More information about your rights and responsibilities as the owner of a heritage place can be found in the Fact sheet: Your property has been proposed for entry in the Queensland heritage register (PDF, 87KB).

During the assessment process, we may request to enter your property to assist in assessing its heritage significance. Find out about your rights and what is involved in a site assessment in the Fact sheet: Queensland Heritage Register - site assessment visit (PDF, 67KB).

The Queensland Heritage Council is responsible for deciding whether to add a place to, or remove it from, the Queensland Heritage Register.

The Heritage Council takes a number of things into consideration when it makes this decision, including the application, the recommendation from the department which assesses the application, and all submissions whether made by the owner or the public. When the recommendation is made the owner is given the opportunity to make a written response and to request making an oral representation to the Queensland Heritage Council when it meets to decide the matter.