Development by the State applications

Development proposals by the Queensland (State) Government that involve a place on the Queensland Heritage Register are reviewed by the Queensland Heritage Council.


We conduct a preliminary assessment of a proposal before referring the matter to the Queensland Heritage Council. The Queensland Heritage Council considers the proposed development and if it will substantially affect the cultural heritage significance of the place, a public notice inviting submissions will be required. Some kinds of development may be covered by an exemption certificate and not need to be referred to the Queensland Heritage Council.

The Queensland Heritage Council makes a recommendation to the Minister responsible for the place about whether the development should proceed and any conditions that should be attached to the development. If the Queensland Heritage Council previously invited public submissions about the development, a public notice of the decision will be given before the development starts.

When considering making changes to a heritage place refer to the Guideline: Developing heritage places–Using the development criteria (PDF, 3.4MB) to identify requirements relevant to your specific situation and help you guide and record the development decisions you make.

Application requirements

A report must be prepared by an appropriately qualified person with experience in heritage conservation and include:

Current applications

Redland Bay State School – Heritage Register Number 601369

Queensland Cultural Centre – Heritage Register Number 602844

Brisbane Exhibition Grounds – Heritage Register Number 601709

Brisbane Central State School – Heritage Register Number 600312

Ithaca Creek State School – Heritage Register Number 650022