Development approvals and exemptions

Before making an application

Before considering changes to a heritage place read the Guideline: Developing heritage places – Using the development criteria (PDF, 3.4MB).

This will help identify the requirements relevant to your specific situation and help you guide and record the development decisions you make.

What sort of development approval do I need?

There are different types of approvals required for different types of work.

General Exemption Certificate

  • No application required.
  • Read more about General Exemption Certificate.
  • Provides pre-approval for most minor work and maintenance. The certificate outlines strict limitations and conditions to the type and scope of work and how it is carried out.
  • No fees apply.

Exemption Certificate

  • Read more about heritage Exemption Certificates.
  • Required for projects or work that have no more than a minor detrimental impact on heritage values.
  • No fees apply.

Development application

Development by the State Application

Heritage agreements

  • Read more about heritage agreements.
  • Allow for specific development work at a place without ongoing approval from us.
  • No fees apply.