Surrender of explosive materials

Explosives, fireworks, flares and ammunition are dangerous and pose risks if they are not stored and managed in a secure and safe manner and can become even more dangerous as they deteriorate with age.

If you have any type of explosive material or product - including fireworks and ammunition - that you don't want or possess illegally you are encouraged to surrender them without fear of prosecution or fines.

If you find or possess explosive material or products – do not touch them. Call the Explosives Inspectorate at any time, and we will arrange safe collection and disposal.


It is illegal to make, keep or use fireworks (including firecrackers) without a licence in Queensland. Unlicenced use and possession of fireworks (other than unrestricted items such as sparklers, bonbons, streamer cones or caps for toy pistols), is an offence and carries a penalty.  Offenders can be fined up to $ 57,500 (400 penalty units), face 6 months’ imprisonment, and risk severe injury.

For penalty-free fireworks surrender call the Explosives Inspectorate on 1300 739 868 (24/7)


Explosives are frequently found in deceased estates or when people move into new premises. Sheds should be checked for explosives, along with associated equipment.

Explosives items can include:

  • gelignite
  • detonators
  • detonating cord
  • boosters
  • picric acid used in laboratories
  • propellant powders.

For penalty-free explosives surrender call the Explosives Inspectorate on 1300 739 868 (24/7)


If you have small arms ammunition that you cannot legally possess, you can surrender it voluntarily without fear of prosecution.

You can:

  • surrender sporting ammunition (e.g. calibres up to 19mm in brass and steel cases, brass and plastic shotgun shells) to a nominated firearms dealer, OR
  • call the Explosives Inspectorate on 1300 739 868 (24/7) to arrange a penalty-free ammunition surrender.

Marine flares

You must dispose of out-of-date flares as soon as possible as their ability to function as designed is no longer assured. Expiry dates are stamped on the side of each flare.

Out-of-date marine flares can be disposed of in special collection bins provided by the Queensland Department of Transport at:

  • Volunteer Marine Rescue
  • Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
  • Queensland Transport Maritime Safety Queensland.

Refer to the list of flare disposal locations on the Maritime Safety Queensland website.

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