Complaints about explosives or fireworks

Reporting illegal use of explosives, explosive devices and fireworks can help save lives. Reporting unauthorised fireworks also helps authorities identify ‘hot spots’ for compliance action.


For emergencies where someone is seriously injured and in need of urgent medical help, life or property is under threat, or if you have witnessed a serious accident or crime first contact 000.

Report explosives accidents or emergencies to the Explosives Hotline 1300 739 868 (24/7).


Check then report.

  1. Before you make fireworks complaints, check our register of authorised displays by professional, licenced operators to find out what’s coming up near you.
  2. Report fireworks happening now to Policelink on 131 444 and submit an online report to the Explosives Inspectorate

Blasting activities

Blasting operations occur at mine and quarry sites and on civil construction sites. Blasting can cause noise and vibration, dust or sometimes flyrock that may land outside the exclusion zone for the blast.

Report blasting issues to the Explosives Hotline 1300 739 868 (24/7) depending on the nature of the issue you may be referred to another agency.

Unusual or suspect activities

To report someone manufacturing or experimenting with homemade explosive devices, or using homemade explosive devices, contact the Police on 131 444 or the national security hotline on 1800 123 400.

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