Emergencies and disasters

If you are involved in a clean-up after an emergency or disaster (e.g. fires or floods) you could come across dangerous objects such as explosives.

These could include:

  • small arms ammunition
  • detonators
  • fireworks
  • marine flares
  • blasting explosives
  • propellant powders.

The Explosives Inspectorate provides a 24 hour advice and response service to emergency agencies during disaster relief operations.

What to do

If you possess explosives or find explosives:

  • Do not touch the explosive
  • Secure the area
  • Call the Explosives Inspectorate on 1300 739 868 (24 hour emergency response hotline)
  • Call the Police

What will happen

  • Explosive items will be removed or destroyed.
  • If the explosive is too dangerous to be removed, another method of disposal will be used.

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