Short-term cultural programs for students

The Queensland Government utilises its relationships with offshore governments and organisations to provide opportunities for students to have a global immersion experience.

These programs are designed to increase intercultural understanding, language skills, personal development and exposure to other schooling systems.

The Advancing education action plan outlines the importance of learning a language to equip young people to succeed in a globalised world. Global schools through languages supports Queensland state school students to develop a global mindset, enabling them to communicate across languages and cultures to open doors to further study, personal and career opportunities.

The Department of Education International (DEi), offers immersion programs in Taiwan and Japan to combine the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) (PDF, 756KB) with a language. These programs provide a unique international experience for Queensland students studying both language and STEM subjects.

DEi is committed to establishing and maintaining strong and collaborative, educational partnerships globally, which offer students a range of global programs designed to provide quality language, cultural and immersion experiences in various countries.

Find out about the global opportunities available to Queensland students throughout Asia, North America and Europe.

Note: these projects are offered by Queensland's Department of Education. They are not student exchange programs provided under the National Guidelines for Student Exchanges and are not quality assured by the relevant state/territory registration authority.

Overseas opportunities for teachers

Global opportunities are offered to Queensland state school teachers to travel overseas as part of a short-term cultural program or professional development program.

Some programs offered to Queensland students require teachers as chaperones (PDF, 987KB). For further information about chaperone opportunities please email

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International students in Queensland

International student programs allow overseas students to study and live in Queensland. Short-term school study tours are also available.

Becoming a student exchange organisation

Find out how to become a student exchange organisation to offer student exchange opportunities.