Student exchange: long-term programs

If you want to experience schooling in another country you can apply for student exchange programs around the world.

A secondary school exchange program offers a cultural and educational experience for school students and school communities.

Short term cultural programs are also available.

How to participate

Student exchanges are a reciprocal program where you attend a high school in another country, while students from other countries study in Australia.

You do not need to pay tuition fees or accommodation costs. However, you will have to cover the program participation fees charged by your registered student exchange organisation. These costs may include airfare, travel insurance and visa processing fees.

There are 2 ways to organise a student exchange program:

  • through your school (if they are a registered student exchange organisation)
  • through other registered student exchange organisations.

Details of these schools and organisations are listed below.


These schools are registered to provide secondary student exchange programs to students enrolled in the school:

Registered student exchange organisations

Contact one of these organisations if you are interested in going on an exchange:

What to expect

Most organisations provide information on their websites about:

  • the countries and cultures you can stay in
  • the experiences of previous students
  • how to become a host family
  • the benefits of studying abroad
  • safety and well-being while away
  • how to apply.

Safety and well-being

Registered SEOs must comply with the Queensland Guidelines for the operation of international secondary student exchange programs (PDF, 1MB), which include screening of host families and providing protection measures for students while on exchange.

More information

For specific information about a student exchange program, please contact one of the registered schools or student exchange organisations listed above.

For general information about secondary student exchange, email or call (07) 3513 6748.

Complaints and feedback

Complaints about the conduct of your student exchange organisation need to be submitted in writing to:

Email: international


International Quality Unit (CRICOS)
Education House
PO Box 15033
Brisbane City East QLD 4002

Please supply a detailed outline of your experience including any steps you have taken with your student exchange organisation to address the problem.

Your complaint will be treated with absolute confidentiality unless you give us written permission to discuss your particular situation with your student exchange organisation.

Note: we will not act on your behalf to resolve the complaint but will ensure the student exchange organisation is compliant with the Queensland Guidelines for the operation of international secondary student exchange programs.