Change your apprenticeship or traineeship

After you register your training contract (with your employer) and get started as an apprentice or trainee, you may want to change things such as:
  • extending the completion date
  • converting your working hours from part-time to full-time, or vice versa
  • switching training organisations or employers
  • changing your original qualification
  • pausing while you take personal or parental leave.

You'll need to discuss these changes with your employer first and then make changes to your training contract.

Assigning you to a new employer (transferring the training contract)

You can be assigned to a new employer part-way through your apprenticeship or traineeship, if circumstances change so much that your training needs can't be met, or workplace issues can't be resolved.

By being 'transferred' to another employer, you won't have to stop and start your job or training.

Find out how to transfer to another employer, either temporarily or permanently.

Moving interstate

You can continue your apprenticeship or traineeship interstate.

Find out more about recommencing interstate.

Taking a break (suspending the training contract)

You can take a break from your training commitments during your apprenticeship or traineeship to recover from illness, care for your children or take a 'gap year'.

It means that you'll need to 'suspend' your training contract temporarily.

Find out how to suspend your training contract.