How do I talk to someone about their domestic violence situation?

  • DVConnect This will open ( DVConnect is a 24-hour statewide domestic violence hotline that offers free, professional assistance such as counselling, intervention, transport and emergency accommodation for people in danger from a violent partner or family member.
  • Find a domestic and family violence support service These services provide assistance such as counselling and support to people affected by domestic and family violence, including children. Search for a support service near you.
  • Support someone experiencing domestic and family violence Learn the best ways to support someone you know who is experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • Domestic and family violence resources These resources provide information about where to get help for victims of domestic and family violence, as well as information for family and friends who suspect someone they know is being abused.
  • Support a victim of sexual abuse If someone you care about has experienced sexual violence, find out how to talk with them about it and support them.
  • How to help someone experiencing elder abuse Advice on how to speak to someone you suspect is experiencing elder abuse, including the Elder Abuse Helpline and other support services available to seniors.
  • Information about elder abuse for health professionals Health professionals are in an important position to help identify elder abuse and to support patients who may be experiencing it. Read this 6-step approach to help you assess and respond to elder abuse.