Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme

The Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme helps with electricity costs for people who have a chronic medical condition, such as multiple sclerosis, autonomic system dysfunction, significant burns or a severe inflammatory skin condition, which is aggravated by changes in temperature. It currently provides $372.21 (including GST) per year to eligible applicants (eligibility is reviewed every two years).


You must:

  • be a Queensland resident and
  • have a qualifying medical condition and need cooling or heating to stop your symptoms becoming significantly worse. Qualifying medical conditions include:
    • multiple sclerosis
    • autonomic system dysfunction
    • loss of skin integrity or sweating capacity
    • severe compromise of functioning such as mobility at extremes of environmental temperature
    • hypersensitivity to extremes of environmental temperature leading to increased pain or other discomfort or an increased risk of complications and
  • live at your principal place of residence, which has an air-conditioning or heating unit.

The applicant and/or legal guardian of a minor with a qualifying medical condition must:

  • hold a current Services Australia or Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card or a current Services Australia Health Care Card and
  • be financially responsible for paying the electricity bill.

If you are already receiving the Electricity Rebate or other energy concessions, you can apply for this concession.

Full details of eligibility for the concession including qualifying medical conditions, are listed on the application form. Your medical specialist must fill out the medical certification section.

Group homes, residential parks and unit complexes

If there are multiple applicants living in the same group home with one electricity account, each person can apply separately.

If you live in a residential park, caravan park or unit complex, you can apply and will need to show that your electricity usage is metered and billed (include an invoice or letter from the manager in your application).

How to apply

To apply, complete the MCHECS application form:

And post your application to the address listed on the form.

If you do not have access to a printer, email to be sent a copy.

If your application is successful, you'll receive $372.21 per year, with $93.06 paid into your bank account each quarter.

Renewing your eligibility

You must re-apply for the concession every two years.

If you have a permanent medical condition:

  • you won't need a new medical certification
  • you will need to confirm that your concession card status or living arrangements haven't changed.

If your original application indicated a temporary need for heating or cooling:

  • you will need a new medical certification and
  • you will need to confirm that your concession card status or living arrangements haven't changed

We will contact you six months before your concession approval expires and send you a new application to complete. If you do not return this new application, your concession payment will stop being paid.

Change of details

You must notify any of the following changes immediately:

  • address
  • bank account details*
  • eligibility for the scheme

*For security reasons, you should send changes to your bank account details in writing.

You do not need to notify anyone if you change your electricity retailer to continue to receive this concession.

To notify of changes:

Concession Services
Smart Service Queensland
PO Box 10817 Adelaide Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
Phone: 13QGOV (13 74 68)

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