COVID-19 household utility relief

Under the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 economic relief package, Queensland households will automatically receive a $200 rebate to help offset household electricity and water costs.

In order to provide this assistance to households as quickly as possible, the household utility assistance payment will be credited to customers’ electricity bills.

The payment is made up of:

This assistance is in addition to any other energy rebate or concession for which customers may be eligible.

When will I get the household utility assistance?

  • Regional Queensland residential customers will start seeing the utility rebate appear from April 2020 onwards, depending on their individual electricity bill cycle.
  • South East Queensland customers will begin seeing the credit on their electricity bill from May 2020, depending on when they are due to receive their bill.

Who is eligible to receive the household utility assistance?

The utility rebate is being provided to residential customers who are separately charged for their electricity.

Customers who don’t receive a separate electricity bill (e.g. where electricity is included as part of the rent) are not eligible to receive the rebate.

Arrangements are in place for customers with on-supply arrangements and customers using a card-operated meter to receive the utility rebate. See below for details.

On-supply arrangements

Households who pay their landlord, property manager, caravan park owner or body corporate in an on-supply arrangement are eligible for the rebate.

These customers will have the rebate credited to their bills by their on-supplier or electricity billing company.

On-suppliers are required to lodge a claim (using form 511) with their electricity retailer.

Card-operated meters

Households with card-operated meters are also eligible for the rebate, which will be automatically transferred to their orange power cards (linked card).