Electricity asset ownership dividend

To provide continued electricity bill relief, $200 million from the dividends of government-owned corporations has been used to provide households with a $50 per year electricity rebate in 2018 and 2019 ($100 total). This rebate is in addition to any other energy rebate or concession for which you might have been eligible.

The rebate was automatically applied to applicable customers’ electricity accounts on 30 April 2018 and 30 April 2019, appearing as a $50 credit. If you had an electricity account at that time and have not received your rebate, please contact your electricity provider.

Who is eligible to receive the rebate?

The rebate was provided to residential customers who are separately charged for their electricity.

This includes households who pay their landlord, property manager, caravan park owner or body corporate in an on-supply arrangement, and customers in card-operated meter communities. These customers will have had the rebate credited to their bills by their on-supplier. On-suppliers are required to lodge a claim (using form 511) with their electricity retailer.

Customers who don’t receive a separate electricity bill (e.g. where electricity is included as part of the rent) are not eligible to receive the rebate.