Adoption information sessions

Adoption Services holds information sessions for people who want to find out more about Queensland or Intercountry adoption.

The sessions provide information including how to adopt a child in Queensland, or from overseas.

Information session details

As spaces are limited, it is important that you register with Adoption Services for the session you wish to attend.

Please phone (07) 3224 7415 or 1800 647 983, or email  to register.


  • Tuesday 27 November from 6pm to 9pm


  • The Auditorium, lower ground floor, 111 George Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
    (corner of George and Charlotte streets, entry via Charlotte Street)

As the information sessions are held in a secure building, you will be asked to register with the security desk before entering the Auditorium.

For more information contact Adoption Services.

Online videos

This series of videos has been developed to provide information about the realities, challenges and process of adoption for couples who are considering adoption, but cannot attend the information sessions in Brisbane.

The videos were developed prior to 2 November 2016 when the Queensland Parliament passed amendments to the Adoption Act 2009. As a result, these videos do not reflect the key legislative changes, which included expanding eligibility criteria to enable same-sex couples, single persons, and persons undergoing fertility treatment to have their name entered or remain in the Expression of Interest register.

Video 1 – Local adoption: Kate and Bill’s story

Kate and Bill are adoptive parents of a child in Queensland. Hear their story about their experience of adopting a child through the Queensland adoption program.

Video 2 – Open adoption

Open adoption allows a child, the adoptive parents and the birth parents to share information about one another and the circumstances of the adoption. This story is based on actual families’ experiences.

Video 3 – Intercountry adoption: Dylan and Gillian’s story

Dylan and Gillian are adoptive parents of siblings through the intercountry adoption program. Hear their story and advice for couples considering adopting a child from overseas.

Video 4 – The realities of adoption

Adopting a child is a rewarding and positive experience, but the journey can be long, complex and emotionally challenging.

Video 5 – Requirements for intercountry adoption

If you are considering adopting a child from overseas, you will need to meet eligibility criteria of the overseas country, as well as meeting eligibility criteria in Queensland.

Video 6 – Lifelong implications of adoption

Open adoption is about the child gaining an understanding of their identity. For Queensland adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents are encouraged to negotiate an adoption plan for the type of open adoption arrangement they are comfortable with.

Video 7 — Understanding the adoption process

The adoption process is extremely rigorous. For couples who are considering adoption, there are seven steps in the adoption process before a final Adoption Order is granted.

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