Adopting a child from Queensland

The Queensland and Intercountry Adoption Handbook provides information for persons interested in being assessed as suitable adoptive parents for a child in Queensland.

Children in Queensland requiring placement

Children requiring adoptive placements in Queensland are generally aged up to 2 years of age.

Children requiring adoptive placements may have a range of medical issues, including:

  • Hepatitis C
  • prematurity
  • minor and/or correctable physical disabilities
  • a history of mental illness in the family.

The child may also come from a complex family and social background relating to their cultural heritage, extended birth family, the birth parent’s social position or the circumstances of the child’s conception.

Although it is not possible to estimate the number of children who may require an adoptive placement in any given year, it is anticipated there will be a small number of children each year requiring adoptive placements in Queensland.

Eligibility to express interest

To be eligible to have your name entered into the expression of interest register:

  • you are an adult
  • either you or your partner (if applicable) are an Australian citizen
  • you reside or are domiciled in Queensland
  • you are not pregnant (female)
  • you are not an intended parent under a surrogacy arrangement within the meaning of the Surrogacy Act 2010
  • if you have been an intended parent under a surrogacy arrangement within the meaning of the Surrogacy Act 2010, the surrogacy arrangement ended at least 6 months earlier
  • you do not have custody of either a child aged less than 1 year or a child who has been in your custody for less than 1 year (excluding children for whom you are an approved carer under the Child Protection Act 1999)
  • your name is not already in the expression of interest or suitable adoptive parents registers.

How to express interest

People interested in having their suitability to be adoptive parents assessed must complete the Adoption Expression of Interest form (PDF, 259 KB).

The guideline to Completing an adoption Expression of Interest form (PDF, 357KB) or (RTF, 119KB) has been developed to assist person/s to complete this form.

After an expression of interest is lodged

  • You will be notified if you meet eligibility requirements.
  • If eligible, your name/s are entered into the expression of interest register.
  • If selected from the expression of interest register (to have their suitability assessed), you will be sent a notice of selection for assessment.
  • If you don't receive a notice of selection for assessment within 2 years, your expression of interest expires. You may then lodge another expression of interest if you want to.

The number of people to be selected for assessment from the expression of interest register varies each year. This is due to the number of assessments being based on the anticipated needs of children likely to require adoptive placements.

About the assessment

When you receive a notice of selection for assessment, you are assessed to see if you are suitable to parent an adopted child. Couples will be assessed jointly, however they must also be found suitable as individuals.

Assessment is a comprehensive process that involves information being gathered and analysed from various sources. Information gathered for the assessment may include:

  • criminal, domestic violence, traffic and child protection history checks 
  • home visits for assessment interviews
  • talking with you, your partner (if applicable), children and other adult household members and nominated referees if required 
  • getting information about your health.

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