About seasonal work

Seasonal work is available at different times and locations across the year and is an ideal way to fund your travel adventure exploring Queensland.

We have a wide range of seasonal opportunities and adventures from the chilly Granite Belt, through the wide plains on the Darling Downs, travelling up the coast right up to Bowen and beyond and out to western Queensland working on a cattle or sheep station.

The FarmReady Hub can assist you to prepare for farm work, stay safe, create lasting social connections, but most of all, have a great time in regional Australia.

Seasonal work can be:

Skilled work: You are most likely a skilled worker if you have any of the following:

  • forklift ticket
  • truck licence
  • experience driving agricultural machinery
  • formal qualifications in agriculture, horticulture, or fisheries
  • formal qualification in cooking or similar.

Unskilled work: If you don't possess a formal qualification related to agriculture, horticulture, or fisheries, you are most likely classified as an unskilled worker. This isn't a bad thing — unskilled jobs make up a large portion of the seasonal agricultural, horticultural, and fisheries workforce.

Seasonal work may involve:

  • picking fruit and vegetables
  • working in packing sheds, canneries and other processing plants or factories
  • pruning, cutting and planting crops such as sugar cane and grain
  • working on sheep and cattle stations, piggeries and poultry farms.