Find a farm job

There are a number of ways you can kick off your #pickqld adventure and find a job on a Queensland farm. There are even cash bonuses to help you with the costs associated with getting a job in agriculture.

If you’re travelling with friends and family who are looking for work, Queensland regions also have jobs and incentives available in the tourism and hospitality sectors now!

You can:

There are a number of platforms that have been developed and used by employers/employees to help you find a job. Please do your homework before accepting a job and ensure your pay and work conditions meet Australian standards.

Are you a school leaver? Planning a gap year break? Why not make it a working holiday around Queensland?

Want to know more about what to expect with a farm job? Visit the Farm Ready Hub, complete the training package and get your FarmReady card!

Not sure of where you'd like to go? Visit our #pickqld planner and search by month and location. Links to local visitor information centres will help you plan accommodation options.