Child restraints

Where children should sit

Cars with more than 1 row of seats

  • Babies and children up to 4 years old must not sit in the front seat
  • Children aged 4 and up to 7 years can only sit in the front seat if all other seats are occupied by children under 7 years of age
  • Children 7 years and over can sit in the front seat.

Cars with only 1 row of seats

  • Children of any age can sit in the front seat as long as they are properly restrained.
  • If a car has a passenger airbag, a rear-facing child restraint shouldn't be used in the front seat if the restraint is positioned close to the airbag.

In this guide:

  1. Types of child restraints
  2. When to move to the next type of restraint
  3. Installing a child restraint
  4. Where children should sit
  5. Exemptions from complying with standard child restraint laws

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