Community Road Safety Grants

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) provides funding for not-for-profit community organisations to deliver road safety education initiatives through the Community Road Safety Grants scheme. The scheme consists of 3 funding streams:

Who can apply?

For your organisation to be eligible you must be one of the following:

  • incorporated or registered under an Act of Parliament with not-for-profit objectives
  • a government entity
  • a Parents and Citizens or Parents and Friends association in partnership with schools.

Online Grants Portal

Use the Online Grants Portal to view and apply for available funding opportunities. If you are awarded a grant, you must also manage your agreement through the Online Grants Portal.

Register to access the Online Grants Portal

To use the Online Grants Portal, you will first need to register as an individual. Once you've registered, you can register your organisation and associate yourself with it.

Organisations only need to be registered once. If you're unsure whether your organisation has already been registered, email to check.

Using the Online Grants Portal

Download our training guide to learn how to use the Online Grants Portal, including instructions on:

  • registering your organisation
  • searching for funding opportunities
  • applying for a grant
  • managing a grant agreement.

Forms and resources

Funding streams

Community Road Safety Education Grants

Community Road Safety Education Grants provide an opportunity for not-for-profit groups to support local road safety initiatives that drive a change in behaviours and attitudes to road safety in local communities.


To support Queensland communities with the development and delivery of effective road safety education initiatives that support people to be safer road users.

Funding limit and delivery

Funding is available up to $40,000. Initiatives must be delivered within 12 months of when funding is awarded.

Applying for a grant

The 2022 funding round has now closed.

Planning your application

Planning is essential for your application

  • Take time to read the Funding Guidelines as they will assist in clarifying what you're applying for, why you're applying for it, and how much funding you require.
  • Download our training guide on how to use our Online Grants Portal to register your organisation (new applicants only)
  • Commence your application using our Online Grant Portal.

Forms and resources – Community Road Safety Education Grants

Previous grant recipients

View a list of the successful Community Road Safety Education Grants recipients from the previous funding round.

Learner Driver Mentor Program

Learner driver mentor programs give disadvantaged people access to volunteer mentors and vehicles to help them meet the supervised driving requirement for upgrading a learner licence.


TMR's learner driver mentor program grants:

  • help disadvantaged young people to gain safe, supervised on-road driving experience towards the requirement to log 100 hours of supervised driving
  • help disadvantaged young people to obtain their provisional licence
  • support community organisations with the sustainable delivery of learner driver mentor programs while achieving value for money.

Funding and delivery

Funding agreements are in place up to 30 June 2026. View a list of current program providers.

Forms and resources – Learner Driver Mentor Program

Road Safety Education Program

Road safety education programs work across all ages to develop a broader positive community culture towards improving road safety. The programs aim to equip children, adolescents and young people with the attitudes, skills and knowledge they need to become safer road users.

Program aims

TMR's road safety education program grants aim to fund programs that:

  • employ appropriate teaching methodologies that deliver quality road safety education to Queensland children, adolescents and young adults
  • contribute to the reduction in the number of children and adolescent deaths and serious injuries on Queensland's roads
  • build a positive road safety culture by embedding a whole-of-life road safety education approach across childhood and adolescence
  • align program structure and content delivery to the Good Practice Guidelines on Road Safety Education
  • provide a flexible delivery model to enable broad participant access to the program
  • implement continuous improvement to innovate and delivery program enhancements in response to regulatory, societal or environmental changes.

Funding and delivery

Funding agreements are in place up to 30 June 2026. View a list of current program providers.

Forms and resources – Road Safety Education Program

Contact us

Contact the Community Road Safety Grants team on telephone on 1300 186 159 or email