Road toll statistics

We keep data on the crashes that take place on Queensland roads—and the deaths that occur—to help us:

  • work out if our road safety programs are working
  • understand where our most dangerous roads are
  • develop new safety methods to make our roads better and safer for everyone.

Queensland road toll statistics

You can view our weekly road toll report online any time you need information on road toll statistics.

Weekly road toll report

Our weekly road toll report gives you information on:

  • the total number of deaths on Queensland roads so far this year
  • the number of driver, passenger, motorcycle rider, bicycle rider and pedestrian deaths so far this year
  • the number of deaths that have occurred on Queensland roads each week this year
  • how Queensland’s road toll compares with the road rolls of other states and territories
  • the number of deaths that have occurred in each Queensland region this year
  • the suspected contributing factors of fatal crashes
  • the basic counts of road users who died and their situation (such as their age and whether they were wearing a seatbelt).
  • the basic counts of drivers/riders/pedestrians/etc. involved in fatal crashes and their situation (such as their age, vehicle type, fatigue level, alcohol level or the conditions were wet).

You can also view annual crash reports from previous years: