Taxi safety and compliance

Using a taxi can be a convenient alternative to driving or taking public transport.

To ensure a safe and pleasant trip, it’s important to understand your and the driver’s:

If you feel that your rights are not met, you can complain about the taxi service you received.

Taxi security cameras

Most Queensland taxis have security cameras installed. These cameras help increase passenger and driver safety as well as accountability for their responsibilities.

Taxi camera footage can be used as evidence if a crime is committed in a taxi.

Taxi driver display cards

Current authorised driver card example. Shows photograph, driver number, expiry date of taxi driver authorisation and the Queensland Government crest.Older version of authorised driver card example, still in circulation. Shows photograph, driver number and expiry date of taxi driver authorisation.

Authorised taxi drivers must display a current Authorised Queensland Taxi Driver display card when driving in prescribed taxi service areas. This card shows that your driver is an authorised taxi driver, supporting your safety and their accountability.

The card must be displayed in a position that is clearly visible to passengers in the taxi. It has the driver's:

  • photo
  • driver authorisation number
  • authorisation expiry date.

Taxi responsibilities

When you hire a taxi, you and the driver are both responsible for ensuring the trip is safe and fair.

Passenger responsibilities

As a taxi passenger you must:

  • pay the correct fare (including any tolls or fees for booking, vehicle access and soiling)
  • wear a seatbelt and make sure children are properly restrained
  • behave well and not cause disturbance or nuisance while travelling
  • not eat, drink or smoke inside the taxi
  • not wilfully or unlawfully damage, deface or interfere with the taxi or its service equipment
  • not ask the driver to speed or break any road rules or laws.

Taxi driver responsibilities

Taxi drivers must:

  • be polite to passengers, the public and other road users
  • give reasonable help to passengers getting in or out of the taxi
  • help load and unload the passengers’ luggage if it is not unreasonably heavy
  • not drive while tired
  • not be under the influence of a drug that affects driving ability, including medication
  • have a blood alcohol level of zero
  • not smoke in the taxi
  • display their taxi driver authorisation
  • be medically fit at all times when driving
  • if they can’t complete the journey, arrange other suitable transport for the passengers
  • turn the hail light on when they are available to hire.

If you feel that the taxi driver does not fulfil their responsibilities when you use a taxi, you can complain about the service.

Taxi rights

When you hire a taxi, both you and the driver have the right to fair and safe travel.

Passenger rights

As a taxi passenger, you have the right to:

  • choose the route to your destination
  • refuse multiple hiring or share riding
  • request a fare estimate
  • be charged the correct fare (including flagfall, tolls and fees) and receive the correct change
  • be charged according to the maximum taxi fares and not be charged a booking fee if you hail a taxi or enter a taxi waiting at a rank
  • travel in a vehicle that is safe and comfortable
  • be given an itemised receipt if you request it
  • ask for help to get into or out of the taxi
  • ask for help to load and unload your luggage if it is not unreasonably heavy
  • travel with an assistance animal if needed
  • use an accessible taxi if needed
  • give feedback about the taxi service.

If you feel that your rights have not been fulfilled after using a taxi, you can complain about the service.

Taxi driver rights

Taxi drivers have the right to:

  • work in a safe environment and be treated with courtesy
  • refuse to carry a passenger they believe may
    • not have enough money to pay the fare
    • cause a disturbance or nuisance
    • be a danger to the driver, other passengers or road users
  • ask for a deposit or an estimate of the fare before starting the trip if they believe a passenger may try not to pay the fare
  • charge a cleaning or soiling fee if the passenger dirties the taxi
  • refuse to carry animals that are not assistance animals needed for the passenger.

Taxi complaints

If you want to complain about a taxi service, you must contact the relevant taxi company directly. Queensland taxi companies must register, investigate and respond to all routine or non-urgent complaints within 10 business days.

You can contact the taxi hotline for help if you have lodged a service complaint with a taxi company, but:

  • it is not resolved within 10 business days
  • you are not satisfied with how it was managed.

You can also contact the taxi hotline if you have serious concerns about taxi industry standards.

Taxi hotline

Contact the taxi hotline on: