Licences for limousine services

A limousine service is an unscheduled public passenger service provided by a specific motor vehicle—where the agreed fare for a journey is decided before the journey begins.

There are 2 types of licences for limousine services in Queensland. These are:

  • limousine service licences—allow you to provide a limousine service in a specific area of Queensland
  • special purpose limousine service licences—allow you to offer a tourist service, or services for wedding and student events (such as proms and formals).

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Due to changes to the personalised transport industry in Queensland, which were introduced on 5 September 2016, Government will not be releasing any new limousine service licences, including special purpose limousine service licences.

Existing perpetual limousine service licences will be retained and will allow licence holders to provide a pre-booked service in an approved vehicle. Existing rights to access priority lanes, liquor exemptions and the right to advertise a limousine service will also be retained. Vehicle requirements will be streamlined and some current prescribed legislative provisions removed.


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