Indigenous Driver Licensing Program

Two people shaking hands in front of truck displaying learner L plate

The Indigenous Driver Licensing Program gives First Nations peoples in remote Queensland communities the opportunity to get their driver's licence and learn safe road use behaviours.

The Indigenous Driver Licensing team visits remote Queensland communities to help First Nations peoples:

  • take the test to get a learner licence
  • take the test to get a car or truck licence
  • get your driver’s licence back if you’ve had one in the past
  • make sure your driver's licence is okay to use for the next year
  • get a photo identification card.

Talk to our licensing team

You can have a yarn with our friendly licensing team when they visit your community or you can contact them for a yarn by:

Learner drivers in class watching teacher and presentation

Upcoming visits

Come down and say hello when the Indigenous Driver Licensing team visit. Bring your ID (originals only) and only EFTPOS is available for payment (no cash). The planned visits to communities and dates are listed in the following table, these dates and locations may change.

Hope Vale
  • Tuesday 28 March
  • Wednesday 29 March
  • Thursday 30 March
  • Tuesday 28 February
  • Wednesday 1 March
  • Thursday 2 March
  • Tuesday 14 March
  • Wednesday 15 March
  • Tuesday 7 March
  • Wednesday 8 March
  • Thursday 9 March
  • Tuesday 21 March
  • Wednesday 22 March
  • Thursday 23 March

How to get involved

The Indigenous Driver Licensing team works closely with community groups on local road safety initiatives to increase licence ownership of First Nations peoples and provide pathways to positive social, economic and wellbeing opportunities that come with licence ownership and safer road use behaviours.

If you'd like to help us make a difference for First Nations peoples through driver licence ownership and safe road behaviour, contact the licensing team for more information on what opportunities we have available.

Processing paperwork for licence