Emerging Athlete Pathways subsidy terms and conditions

  1. The Emerging Athlete Pathways (travel subsidy) aims to foster the development of young athletes and officials by providing funding support to help alleviate the costs associated with attending championship events.
  2. The travel subsidy is administered by the Department of Housing and Public Works, Sport and Recreation (the Department).
  3. The travel subsidy provides the following funding support for eligible athletes and officials attending eligible events in the following tiers:
    • State or State School events: $200*
    • National or National School events: $400*
    • International events: $600*
      *GST is not applicable to this funding.
  4. An athlete or official is eligible for funding support under the travel subsidy if they:
    • competed or officiated (as a coach, referee or scorer) at an eligible Queensland State or State School event, eligible Australian National or National School event or eligible International Championship. The list of eligible events in each tier is available at Emerging Athlete Pathways.
    • have been a resident of Queensland for at least the 12 months preceding the event. Athletes and officials who attend school or are members of a club in Queensland, but reside in another state, are not eligible for funding;
    • were under the age of 18 at the start of the event; and
    • travelled a road distance (determined by or fly or travel by rail a radial distance (determined by, of at least 250 kilometres (one-way) from their place of residence to the event location.
  5. Athletes and officials are only eligible to receive funding assistance for one eligible event in each tier, once every two calendar years.
  6. Regular audits will be conducted by the Department during which the nominated certifier or relevant State Sporting Organisation may be contacted to confirm the athlete or official’s attendance at the event.
  7. Applications will not be considered before an event. Funding support is provided retrospectively and applicants are required to use their own resources to travel to events. Applications must be received by the Department within six months after either the day of (if event was only one day) or the last day of (if event was held over multiple days) the eligible event.
  8. Applications must be submitted electronically by completing and submitting the relevant online application form.
  9. To apply for funding assistance, the athlete or official’s parent or guardian must be over the age of 18 and complete all relevant sections of the online application form on behalf of the athlete or official. The application will be assessed using the information contained in the online application.
  10. Application processing time can take up to 10 weeks. Applicants will receive written or email notification of the outcome of their application.
  1. Funding for successful applications will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer in accordance with the details provided in the application form. The applicant (parent or guardian) is responsible for ensuring that bank account details provided in the online application process are correct. The Department is under no obligation to verify the bank account details provided.
  2. The parent or guardian will receive a remittance advice by fax, email or post giving details of the amount paid. The online application requires the parent or guardian to declare that all information is true and correct.
  3. Lodging an application does not guarantee funding. All funding support is based on eligibility and available budget.
  4. The travel subsidy will run on a ‘first come, first served’ basis until the allocated funds are expended, unless otherwise decided by the Queensland Government.
  5. The Department reserves the right to withdraw the travel subsidy or make changes at any time.
  6. Any changes to the travel subsidy will be publicly advertised at Emerging Athlete Pathways.
  7. Applicants must immediately return to the Department any funding received under the travel subsidy, where the athlete or coach was not eligible to receive the funding, including where the funding was paid incorrectly and where the athlete or coach has already received funding assistance for one eligible event in each tier, in the last two calendar years. This amount is deemed a debt due and payable to the Department.

Privacy notice—Information provided in online application

The Department of Housing and Public Works (the Department) is collecting the information in the online application to assess your application for funding and to carry out departmental functions relevant to Emerging Athlete Pathways. Information will also be used to help the Department monitor and evaluate programs and resources. This information will only be accessed and used by authorised employees within the Department, and approved contractors appointed by the Department to conduct a program evaluation.

This information may also be provided to relevant State Sporting Organisations as part of any audit conducted by the Department, to confirm attendance at the event. Some information may be given to Members of Parliament for promotional purposes associated with Emerging Athlete Program. The information provided may include the parent/guardian’s and/or the applicant’s first name, surname, electorate, suburb/city, email and mobile or phone number and the athlete or official’s age, activity, event and grant.

Your information will not be disclosed to any other parties unless authorised or required by law. Your personal information will not be published on the department’s website. Read more on how the department manages personal information.

Privacy notice—Details for payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT)

The Department of Housing and Public Works (the Department) is collecting the information in the online application to create/update your details on our Financial Management System. This is authorised by the Financial Accountability Act 2009. The Department may give some or all of this information to your Financial Institution and the Queensland Audit Office. Unless otherwise stated, any personal information collected on this form will be used only for the purpose for which it was obtained and will be disclosed only for that purpose, or as required by law. Information collected on this form will be retained as requested by the Public Records Act 2002 and other relevant Acts and Regulations and is subject to the Right to Information Act 2009. Read more on how the department manages personal information.