Add an event to the eligible Emerging Athlete Pathways subsidy events list

Event nominations can only be provided by the relevant state sport and recreation organisation (school events are submitted directly to the department by Queensland School Sports). If an event is not on the eligible events list, please contact the relevant state sport and recreation organisation so that they can submit eligible events to the department.

Subsidies under Emerging Athlete Pathways are provided retrospectively under a tiered funding model, with applicants eligible once every 2 calendar years at each tier. Officials (such as coaches, referees and scorers) attending eligible events can also apply for assistance if they meet the program criteria.

Eligible events under the travel subsidy are the following:

  • must be a Queensland State Championship, Queensland State School Championship, Australian Championship, Australian School Championship, or International Championship
  • must provide a pathway for athletes (e.g. selection to compete at the nationals)
  • each sport is able to include one state, national and international event per age group and division/discipline only.

The travel subsidy does not fund:

  • local or regional championships, training squads and camps, ongoing seasonal competitions, ongoing series, friendship or invitational events
  • school events that do not lead to pathways for athletes or officials
  • school events where there is an existing non-school event for that age group (the exception is where an event has been nominated by Queensland School Sport or School Sport Australia).

Information for eligible organisations submitting events

Due to an upgrade in the online application process, it is important that event details are updated and as accurate as possible. The department’s client managers of state sport and recreation organisations can be contacted to submit any future state, national and international event details. If you are not sure who the client manager of your organisation is, please email

Please note: Events can no longer be added to the list after they have occurred. However, the department will be in touch with recognised state sport and recreation organisations quarterly to request eligible event submissions for events in the upcoming quarter, and any events beyond can also be supplied. You will also need to provide any updates to locations of events, if they occur, prior to the event.