Deed polls (change of name record)

What we have

We hold deed poll records that were registered with the Queensland Supreme Court up until 2004.

Please Note: Deed poll records can only be supplied to the person a record relates to. Queensland State Archives will be unable to assist you with records for another person unless you have received access permission from the relevant Supreme Court:

What we don’t we have

We don’t hold deed polls that were not lodged with the Queensland Supreme Court. Nor do we hold change-of-name records from 1 February 2004 onwards. To order copies of change-of-name records from 1 February 2004 onwards, contact the Registry of Births, Death and Marriages.

How to order a deed poll

Please use our online order form to order a deed poll. Select ‘General enquiries’ and fill in the form with the information required.

A certified copy of a deed poll is $45.00, per item, for up to 8 pages. Additional pages are charged at $1.75 per page.

To know where to order a deed poll from, you will need to know where the deed poll was originally lodged, and the approximate time period in which it was lodged.

Urgent request

We understand you may need your document quickly. To draw attention to this need, please mark your written request as urgent.

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