Get copies of records

We can provide a digitised copies of our records for a fee. Copies can be sent to electronically.

Digital copies can be requested through ArchivesSearch as well as the indexes.

Conditions of copying

We will assess the condition of the record and decide whether it can be copied. We reserve the right to not copy a record if it will be damaged by copying or is unable to be copied due to format. Where we are unable to copy a record and you have pre-paid, we will refund your payment.

Copying charges

Standard scanning  (300 dpi)

  • Up to A3: $1.85 per page
  • Large items (over A3): $7.85 per metre

High resolution scanning (over 300 dpi)

  • A4 and A3 size: $7.45 per page
  • Large items (over A3): $14.95 per metre

Other copying services

  • Certified copies: $49.00 per item (up to 8 pages)
    Additional pages: $1.80 per page
    Includes postage by registered mail within Australia

Storage media

  • USB: $8.65

Response times

If you request copies from our Reading Room or online, we will fill your order within 20 working days after we receive payment subject to the conditions of copying.

Certified copies

Please specify whether a certified copy is required. A certified copy will need to be sighted and certified by a authorised Archivist.


Personal devices including phones are allowed in the Reading Room. However, no flash photography, scanning equipment, tripods or camcorders are allowed.

Reproducing materials

Publication of any public record should not be undertaken unless the author or publisher has obtained permission from the relevant copyright holder, if copyright subsists in the work under the Copyright Act 1968. If the public record includes any third party material, including any images or photographs, separate permission may need to be obtained from the third party to re-use their material.

Permission is not required for private research or study. For works made by or under the direction of the State of Queensland before 1 January 1969, copyright expired as of 1 January 2019 and copyright permission is not required.

If you’re seeking permission to reproduce material that is still in copyright, you must contact the responsible agency. The responsible agency is identified as the ‘Related Agency: Controlled By’ under ‘Relationships’ for the record on ArchivesSearch.

Call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for the contact details of the responsible agency.

For further information on Crown Copyright, see the Copyright Act 1968 - Sect 180.

Further information

For any other enquiries related to copying records, please contact us.