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  • Family history

    Discover more about your family history by viewing our courts, government departments and school records.

  • Immigration

    Find lists of immigrant ships and their passengers travelling directly to Queensland from Europe from 1848 onwards.

  • Schools, hospitals and orphanages

    Find nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth century records on Queensland’s government schools, hospitals, orphanages, children’s homes and asylums.

  • Courts

    Find court records of wills, inquests, insolvencies murders and criminal depositions from the mid-nineteenth century onwards.

  • Government

    Read more about Cabinet, Executive Council processes and the activities of the Queensland government from the mid-nineteenth century onwards.

  • Lands and mining

    Find maps, land orders, land sales and mining records from the mid-nineteenth century onwards.

  • Convicts and early settlers

    Find more information on early settlers pre and post separation from NSW in 1859, as well as convict records for Moreton Bay, St Helena and Toowoomba.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    Find archival records on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including information about individuals, family and community links and native title determination.

  • Australian South Sea Islanders

    Find records from when the first South Sea Islanders arrived in Queensland in 1863 to work in the cotton fields and sugar plantations.

  • War

    Find records on Government activities during the Boer war, First World War and Second World War.

  • Shipping and railways

    Find records on seamen, immigration and the administration of railways in Queensland.

  • Business

    Find more information on businesses and companies that are no longer in existence, including companies, shareholders, and the date of registration and liquidation.

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Archival research terms

Record—information of permanent and historic value, often in paper-based form (e.g. a letter, photograph, a map), but can also be a CD, a film or a digital file

Item—a single record or many records, e.g. an item may be a single architectural drawing, a 500-page leather-bound book, or a bundle of correspondence (letters, telegrams, reports)

Series—a group of related items created, received, or used in the same activity

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26 June 2017
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