Youth justice services

We are responsible for supervising young people who are involved in the youth justice system. Our youth justice officers support young people. We supervise and monitor young offenders’ progress as they carry out court orders and bail programs including:

How we help young offenders

As well as helping your child to meet the legal requirements of their court order or bail program, we involve them in programs and interventions.

Our youth justice officers work with your child and your family to address the things that contribute to your child’s offending behaviour. We also encourage your child to build positive connections with their community.

Our youth justice officers also prepare pre-sentence reports for the court—if a court finds your child guilty of an offence and the judge or magistrate asks for one.

Interventions and programs

We provide or assist young offenders to access intervention services that cover:

  • supervision and monitoring of court orders and bail programs
  • support services
  • offence focused intervention
  • developmental intervention.

Our youth justice centres run programs that aim to prevent young offenders from reoffending. These include programs to learn:

  • about the consequences of their offending behaviour
  • how to manage their anger and aggression
  • how to increase their skills, confidence and improve their opportunities in life.
Two of the main programs are aggression replacement training and changing habits and reaching targets.

Further information