Changing habits and reaching targets program

Our changing habits and reaching targets program—also known as CHART—aims to help reduce the risk of young people re-offending. It is an intervention program to change behaviour. If we assess your child as having a moderate to high risk of re-offending, they may need to take part.

What they will learn

There are 6 units that your child must complete:

  • mapping my offences
  • motivation to change
  • thinking and offending
  • problem-solving
  • lifestyle balance
  • relapse prevention.

The program includes 6 other units:

  • healthy relationships
  • violence
  • motor vehicle offending
  • drugs and alcohol
  • living independently
  • education and work.

Your child’s Youth Justice caseworker will assess which, and how many, of the second group of units will be needed to address your child’s offending behaviours.

How the program works

Your child and their Youth Justice caseworker will work through the changing habits and reaching targets program together at their regular appointments.

Length of the program

It will take your child about 16 to 32 sessions with their Youth Justice caseworker to cover the introduction to the program and complete the first 6 units. Each session will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Your child’s caseworker will talk to them about which additional units they may need to complete—and how many sessions it will take.

Further information