Community involvement in Transition 2 Success

Transition 2 Success (T2S) gives young people a chance to work toward a future that isn’t defined by their past.

T2S is delivered in a community setting. Our Youth Justice officers tailor each program to match the local community and its young people.

We work with other agencies, local businesses, community organisations and individuals to help the young people in the program who have broken the law—or are at risk of breaking the law—get back on track.

We deliver T2S in partnership with:

  • Education Queensland (i.e. local schools and senior guidance officers)
  • registered training organisations
  • not-for-profit agencies
  • community groups
  • local businesses.

How you can be involved

There are many ways you can be involved as a T2S partner or volunteer. You could help with:

  • time and expertise
  • employment pathways
  • industry contacts
  • tangible resources and equipment for our partner agencies to use in the program (e.g. allowing young people to be trained using your equipment).

You could also support day-to-day program delivery, or support and mentor young people participating in T2S while they are in the program and after they finish the program.

To find out more email the T2S team at for more information.

Benefits of getting involved

Partnering or volunteering with the T2S program can bring benefits for you, your organisation and the local community.

You or your employees gain new skills and knowledge from your partnership with T2S and mentoring young people in your community. These skills and capabilities can be passed on, building the capacity of your organisation or business.

New networks and opportunities may also open up, and there may be specific benefits depending on your context.

Benefits for the local community

You help young people feel more connected to their:

  • local community
  • culture.

You support young people in making better choices and getting back on track.

You are rewarded with knowing that you’ve helped a young person make a better future for themselves.

Benefits for local businesses

Your business gets a better understanding of the issues that are important to your clients.

The local community sees the value in what you are doing and your business’s reputation is enhanced.

Young people in the program value you and your business for your involvement and interest in helping them.

Your staff feel great about being part of a business that is helping the community, and helping young people change their lives.

Your staff value the social difference that your business is making and are less likely to leave your business.

T2S acknowledges your business in promotional material.

Benefits for community organisations

Staff may have access to training offered by Youth Justice.

The partnership provides evidence to support your funding applications, particularly in the areas of:

  • servicing complex clients
  • playing a role in redirecting young people away from the justice system.

T2S acknowledges your partnership in promotional material.

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