About Transition 2 Success

Transition 2 Success (T2S) is a program that aims to help young people who are:

  • over 15 years old
  • in the youth justice system—or considered at risk of entering it.

We deliver the program in a local community setting and give young people a chance to work toward a future that isn’t defined by their past.

T2S helps young people lower their risk of offending by engaging with education, training and employment.

Our Youth Justice officers work with other agencies, local businesses and community organisations to deliver the T2S program.

We use vocational training to help participants:

  • get hands-on training
  • learn real-world skills
  • develop personal skills
  • meet life challenges
  • access and retain employment or further training.

We work with young people to build their:

  • capacity
  • confidence
  • skills
  • self-esteem.

Participants increase their support networks and are linked directly with employers and education providers for long-term opportunities.


T2S is for young people who have had difficulty with mainstream education, training or employment pathways because of issues relating to:

  • past or current trauma, abuse or neglect
  • ongoing complex family situations
  • involvement with child safety
  • literacy, numeracy or learning difficulties
  • dependence on a negative peer group
  • contact with the youth justice system
  • mental health
  • drug and alcohol use
  • lack of stable accommodation
  • behaviour leading to suspension or exclusion from school, or conflict with other students or teachers.

To be eligible for T2S a young person must:

  • be engaged in the youth justice system—or assessed as at risk of entering it
  • be 15 or older
  • want to participate in vocational training and other programs to develop the skills they need to get and keep a positive future.

Current program locations

T2S is offered in communities across Queensland. The program currently runs in:

  • Aurukun
  • Bundaberg
  • Caboolture
  • Forest Lake (Western Districts)
  • Gold Coast
  • Hervey Bay
  • Ipswich
  • Logan
  • Rockhampton
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Townsville.

About our programs

T2S programs differ around the state and are tailored to each community and its young people.

Our programs focus on 3 areas for the young people involved:

  • job-related training to get them ready to enter the workforce, including
    • career counselling
    • job training
    • work experience job placements
  • social skills training to
    • provide guidelines
    • set behaviour goals
    • provide ongoing support as they learn new ways to interact with others
    • teach them how to manage their emotions when they feel vulnerable, exposed or challenged
  • behaviour management training to
    • guide their behaviour
    • challenge them to improve
    • encourage them to hold each other accountable.

We work with young people on:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • skills for work and vocational pathways.

We help young people achieve qualifications that are recognised across Australia. Certificates are offered for industries including:

  • construction
  • agriculture and landscaping
  • engineering
  • hospitality
  • business
  • foundation skills (including literacy and numeracy).

The T2S program takes a holistic approach to supporting participants with programs that help them develop their social and developmental wellbeing. These programs relate to:

  • aggression replacement and other self-regulation
  • learner licences
  • one punch can kill
  • first aid
  • white cards (construction safety)
  • mental health
  • drug and alcohol
  • healthy relationships
  • employment readiness
  • social and behavioural goal setting.


Young people can be referred by:

  • youth justice service centres
  • child safety
  • youth services
  • schools (including public and private alternative education providers)
  • employment service providers
  • themselves (self-referral).

To be eligible for T2S a young person must:

  • be engaged in the youth justice system—or assessed as at risk of entering it
  • be 15 or older
  • want to participate in vocational training and other programs to develop the skills they need to get and keep a positive future.

We work with referrers, family and other key agencies to support the young person during the program and after they graduate.

Referring a young person to T2S

If you know a young person who may be eligible and interested in taking part in a T2S program:

  1. Email to request supporting material.
  2. Complete the referral form we send you. This will give us the information we need to give the best support to the young person.
  3. We will contact you and the young person to arrange an interview, where we will discuss:
    • the program
    • what kind of support might be needed—such as transport, literacy, numeracy
    • any concerns you or the participant have.
  4. We will also meet with parents or carers to discuss the T2S program.


We work with the local community, including partnering with relevant organisations, to develop the best opportunities for the young people in the program.

The T2S model enhances service delivery through local partnerships between Youth Justice and:

  • Education Queensland (i.e. local secondary schools and senior guidance officers)
  • registered training organisations
  • not-for-profit agencies
  • community groups
  • local businesses.

Learn more about our partnerships and community involvement in T2S including how you can volunteer or partner with us.

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