Intervention while in the community

If you are placed on a community based order we will interview you to assess whether you should attend a program or course to help address your offending behaviour. These programs aim to break the cycle of reoffending. This makes it easier to successfully complete your order and live a crime-free life. However, not all offenders will be suitable to attend programs or support services.

Types of community based orders

Community based orders include:

  • parole
  • intensive corrections order
  • probation.

As a condition of your order you may have to attend a program, service or counselling.

Offending Behaviour Programs

These programs assist in the rehabilitation of offenders. They can be delivered by us or by external providers. We accredit all external program providers to ensure service quality.

The programs target specific offending behaviours such as violence, sexual offending or substance abuse. Programs vary in intensity depending on what they are for.

Programs are delivered by trained program delivery officers and are group based.

If you have already been in jail and completed a program, you may still have to attend a maintenance program in the community. Maintenance programs reinforce skills you’ve already developed and help you to keep practising these skills.

Each probation and parole region manages their own waiting list for offending behaviour programs.

Other support services for offenders

While on a community based order, you may be required to attend another service or program to help you address the behaviours which led to your offending, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

You must attend the program or service if a probation and parole officer directs you to. If you fail, or refuse, to attend a program or service without a reasonable excuse you may be deemed to have breached your order.

If you have any other questions, ask your supervising officer.