Online learning modules

Our online learning modules are professional development opportunities intended to involve your critical thinking and test your knowledge of many aspects of the roles and responsibilities of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations.

Completing these modules is voluntary and not recorded against your JP or Cdec profile.

You can also register for an upcoming webinar or attend one of our workshops if you prefer face-to-face training.

There are minimum system requirements to view the online modules. Make sure you have a supported browser or the Articulate Mobile Player app installed on your device before you begin.

Witnessing enduring documents

Important changes to the Powers of Attorney Act 1998 came into effect on 30 November 2020 resulting in changes to your witnessing role. In this module we provide important information you need to know about witnessing and certifying enduring documents.

Titles Registry Forms and your witnessing obligations

The Land Title Act 1994, Land Act 1994 and Water Act 2000 have specific requirements that you must satisfy when you witness a Titles Registry form for an individual. Discover what these mandatory requirements are and how to meet them by completing this short module.

Statutory declarations and photos for prisoners

In this module we explain information you need to know when witnessing a statutory declaration that may accompany photos being sent to a prisoner in a correctional centre.

Witnessing a National Mortgage Form

This module provides you with an overview of the National Mortgage Form, its content and why Queensland, like other states and territories, have moved to this standardised format.

Certifying copies of documents

In this module we provide information about how you can assist a person when certifying copies of a range of documents, including enduring documents.