Have documents witnessed online by a JP or Cdec

The wellbeing of the Justices of the Peace and the broader community is our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can now have your eligible Queensland documents witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or Commissioner for Declarations (Cdec) online through an audio-visual link.

This service can only be performed by a JP or Cdec approved by the Chief Executive.

Eligible documents

Legislation has been introduced to help people get their important documents witnessed and reduce face-to-face contact and provide protection.

This temporary legislation applies to a range of Queensland documents, including:

  • affidavits
  • statutory declarations
  • general powers of attorney
  • affidavits or documents for the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia
  • deeds.

Not eligible

This online witnessing service does not include certifying copies or witnessing:

  • interstate or Australian Government documents
  • Queensland Titles Registry forms.

What you will need

Before making an appointment, you need to make sure you have:

  • the ability to meet with the JP or Cdec using audio-visual link
  • stable internet connection to connect to the online meeting
  • microphone and camera to conduct the video conference
  • either
    • a physical copy of your documents to be witnessed, a pen, and the ability to scan and email your signed documents to the JP or Cdec for witnessing
    • software that allows you to sign electronically and the ability to use it.

To make your appointment, you will need to provide:

  • your full name and contact details
  • 3 preferred dates and times for the online appointment
    • Confirmation of appointment bookings may take up to 3 business days from request. It may not be possible to have your document witnessed on the same day you lodge your request
  • a description of the document being witnessed.

Arrange an appointment

To arrange an appointment, use this tool to check if your document is eligible to be witnessed online.

If your document is eligible, you will be prompted to submit your details so that we can organise an appointment with a JP or Cdec.

More information

More information is available on how to use technology to make documents during COVID-19.

Search for your local JP

You don't have to have your documents witnessed by video—you can still access the services of a JP or Cdec face to face through our after hours JP search.

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