Give us feedback

Providing feedback about a JP

If you wish to make a complaint about a JP or Cdec, you should make it in writing to the JP Branch at or complete the online complaints and compliments form.

If you are unable to put your complaint in writing, you can make a complaint over the phone by calling the JP Info line on 1300 301 147.

If you wish to make a suggestion or a compliment, you can also use the complaints and compliments online form, email or call the JP Info line on 1300 301 147.

What can I complain about?

We focus on complaints about:

  • the eligibility of a JP or Cdec to continue to hold the office
  • behaviour relating to the role and obligations of a JP when providing JP services.

We don’t deal with complaints that are about:

  • a JP’s personal behaviour, private dealings, professional conduct, private legal matters or disputes where they are unrelated to the provision of JP services
  • behaviour that should be reported to an investigatory or regulatory agency
  • alleged criminal conduct that should be reported to the police.

If the JP or Cdec is ultimately convicted of a criminal offence or an adverse finding is made against the JP or Cdec we may review the person’s appointment.

When will I get a response to my complaint?

We will acknowledge your complaint within five business days of receiving it. We will let you know if your complaint has been accepted within three weeks of us receiving it.

Finalising a complaint about a JP or Cdec will generally take longer. This is because we usually need to write to the JP or Cdec and provide them time to respond.

What outcome can I expect?

If we accept your complaint, our response will generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Recording the complaint but deciding not to take further action at the present time.
  • Sending a reminder letter to the JP about correct procedure.
  • Sending a warning letter to the JP that another breach may result in the review of his or her appointment.
  • Reviewing the JP’s appointment. Following a review of a person’s appointment, the  Attorney-General may recommend to the Governor that the person be removed from office as a JP or Cdec.

We do not generally provide you with details of the outcome of your complaint. This is because, where disciplinary matters against a JP or Cdec may be involved, those generally remain confidential.

If a JP is removed from office by the Governor, this information is made public on the Queensland Government website.