Employment registers for the security industry

Employment register

Security firms must keep a record of all people they employ or hire as security providers. This includes former workers.

The register must list a security provider’s:

  • name
  • licence number
  • licence expiry date
  • date of commencement
  • date of termination (if relevant).

Store this register where unauthorised people can’t access it. Inspectors and police can access the register at any time.

Crowd control register

If you hire licensed crowd controllers, you must keep a crowd control register.

The register records:

  • all crowd controllers on duty at any time
  • any incidents that occur.

Crowd controller details

Crowd controllers must sign in and out of the register for each shift.

The register must contain the crowd controller’s:

  • full name
  • licence number
  • venue ID number (or similar).

For each shift, they will need to enter:

  • the date
  • their starting time
  • their finishing time.

You must also include:

  • the names of licensees who are supervising restricted licensees
  • the security firm’s name and address (if applicable).

Incident reports

You must report in the register about any incident that leads to a person being:

  • injured
  • removed from a public place.

This report must include:

  • when the incident happened (date and time)
  • where it took place in your premises
  • who was involved in the incident (include their name if you can)
  • what happened, including the outcomes of the incident (such as injury or eviction)
  • how a crowd controller or other staff member responded to the incident.

Certain liquor licensees in the Brisbane City Council area are not required to record an incident in the incident register, as long as it is recorded in the crowd controller register.


If you are a liquor licensee, you must keep the register on the premises. Otherwise, your security firm is to keep it.

Keep each register for 7 years from the date of the last entry. Inspectors and police can access it at any time.