Tell us of your intended place of business

You must tell us your place of business in your licence application.


All property agents

We do not approve your place of business under the current laws. However, you must still obey any local government laws about conducting business from a place.

Resident letting agents

You must gain approval from the body corporate in order to run a letting business from their building complex. You must receive this approval in writing.

Person in charge

For all property agents

Each place of business must have a licensed person (or in some circumstances a real estate salesperson) in charge. If you are the principal licensee, you must be in charge of the business at your registered office.

For all other places of business, you must appoint a person in charge.

A person cannot be in charge of more than one place of business.

Multiple properties count as a single place of business if they are:

  • directly attached to each other (or share a boundary)
  • not separated by a public road.

For real estate agents

If you are a real estate agent, you may choose to appoint a person in charge. This person must be:

  • a licensed agent
  • a registered salesperson (cannot be in charge at the principal place of business).

Some salespeople will have a conditional registration. If so, they must not:

  • run a place of business
  • influence how you run the business.

You must not appoint a salesperson as a person in charge if they have conditions on their registration.

A salesperson can only be the person in charge of an other place of business, not the principal place of business.

Sharing premises

You can share an office or car yard with other licensees.

Changing address

You must tell us within 14 days if you move address.