Registers for the motor industry

Employment register

You no longer need an employment register. This reduces red tape for your business. It cuts back on the paperwork involved in hiring and maintaining your staff.

However, you still need to:

  • keep a copy of the licence or registration of each staff member
  • be able to show all licences and registrations to our inspectors if we ask.

Transactions register

You need to keep a transactions register at each place of business. You have a maximum of 24 hours after a transaction to enter it into the register.

Please note: separate rules apply if you sell vehicles as a chattel auctioneer.

Transactions you must record

All transactions must go into the register.

A transaction might be:

  • buying or selling a vehicle (including vehicle parts)
  • holding an auction (including unsuccessful auctions)
  • accepting a deposit
  • giving an option to buy
  • accepting a trade-in
  • taking a vehicle for sale on consignment
  • moving a vehicle between places of business.

Details to record

You must record a range of details. These include:

  • key dates
  • transaction details
  • the vehicle’s details.

Key dates

You must include the dates that you:

  • receive a vehicle
  • sell the vehicle
  • hold an unsuccessful auction for the vehicle
  • move a vehicle between premises
  • return a consigned vehicle.

Transaction details

You must briefly describe the transaction. This includes whether it’s a:

  • direct sale
  • sale on consignment (including for another dealer).

Other details include:

  • the exact premises (if you have multiple locations)
  • the seller’s name and address
  • the buyer’s name and address
  • the name and address of the highest bidder at an unsuccessful auction (if you know them)
  • the sale price (or highest bid at an unsuccessful auction).

The vehicle’s details

The vehicle’s details must include the:

  • odometer reading (in words and figures)
  • make, model and colour
  • built date
  • identification and registration numbers
  • engine number (or chassis number if it’s a caravan).