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We licence and/or register individuals and businesses in the following industries. This free search tool can help you find out if a person in one of these industries has the appropriate licence to do their job.

Full instructions on how to use the search tool are below.

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Official extract

You need an official extract from the register to use this information for a formal reason. This might be:

  • legal matters
  • contracts
  • employment
  • any other formal purpose.

You will need to pay a fee for this service.

Contact us for an official extract

Using this search

This free search is for information purposes only.

This search tool is updated daily and will give you:

  • the licence number
  • the name of the licence holder
  • the type of licence.

If you don’t get a result, it may mean they have an expired, inactive or cancelled licence. Make sure you check that you entered their name or licence number correctly.

Expired licences

If a person appears on this list, they have a current and valid licence. A person is still licensed if they:

  • appear in your search
  • have a licence expiry date that has passed.

In these cases, we have received their renewal form but have not processed it. A licensee or certificate holder may continue to work in these instances.

Hints and tips

  • All results are in alphabetical order, based on your chosen licence type.
  • This register is for licensed industries only. You can also search for a charity or incorporated association.
  • The register may generate an error message in older web browsers. If so, please update your browser.

When entering a company name

  • The search function will insert an automatic wildcard at the beginning and end of your search term. For example, "over" will return "coverage", "clover", "movers", and many other combinations.
  • Try to provide as much of the main name as possible.
  • Do not use blank spaces, commas, full stops or words such as "pty" and "ltd".

When searching an individual

  • The search function will insert an automatic wildcard at the end of your search term. For example, "over" will return "overall" and "overcast" but not "drover".
  • You don’t need to include their first name, but it will help to reduce the number of results.

Disclaimer and conditions of use

Data from this facility is for informational purposes only. It should not be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

As a user of this online search facility, you acknowledge that you will not use this service to process bulk requests for marketing purposes.

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