Reporting for cooperatives

Annual reports

Your cooperative must submit an annual report to us at the end of your financial year. You must do this:

  • no later than 28 days after your annual general meeting (AGM)
  • by filling out and lodging the report form.

Download the report form

Late fees apply if you do not lodge your annual report within 28 days.

Your annual report must include:

  • your details
  • your address
  • a declaration (signed by the secretary, a director or principal executive officer).

You will need to give the personal details of the current secretary, directors and principal executive officers.

You will need to attach a financial report, including:

  • statements about your financial performance, position and cash flows
  • any notes for the financial statements
  • a declaration from the board of directors that the statements and notes are correct (they will need to pass a resolution for this at board meeting—include the meeting date in the declaration)
  • your auditor’s report
  • the auditor’s reports for your subsidiary companies (if you have any)
  • the directors’ report.

The most effective way to do this is to assign it to a single officer. Usually, this will be the secretary.

The annual general meeting (AGM)

You should hold your first AGM within 18 months of forming as a cooperative. After that, hold your AGM no more than 5 months after the end of your financial year.

You must give each member a copy of:

  • a financial report for the year (either the full report or a concise report, if also prepared)
  • the directors’ report for the year
  • the auditor’s report.

Send these documents with the notice of AGM.


You must appoint an auditor to examine your financial records. They will produce their report, which you must attach to your annual return and include as part of your AGM.

To appoint an auditor

You will need to appoint a suitably qualified person to be your auditor. To audit your financial records, they must:

To remove an auditor

To remove your auditor, you must:

  • give at least 2 months notice of your intention (by filling out and submitting an application form)
  • nominate a new auditor (make sure you tell your members and the current auditor who they are)
  • fill out and submit an application form to give us 28 days notice of a proposed special resolution to appoint the new auditor
  • pass an ordinary resolution to remove the auditor at a general meeting
  • pass a special resolution to appoint the new auditor at a general meeting.

Download the application form

If the ordinary resolution to remove the auditor passes, you must fill out and submit a notification form within 14 days. Email us to get a copy of Form 24 - Notification of resignation removal or cessation of auditor.

If the special resolution to appoint the new auditor passes, you must fill out and submit an application for registration of the special resolution. Email us to get a copy of Cooperative Form 11 - Application for registration of a special resolution and Cooperation Form 11a - Statutory declaration in support of special resolution.

If an auditor resigns

If an auditor wishes to resign, they must fill out and submit a resignation consent form with fee.

Download the resignation consent form

Only the auditor can apply to resign. They must advise you before we will consider granting consent for their resignation. If we don’t approve their resignation, they must continue to be your auditor.