Unclaimed money

If the government or a company—like a bank or real estate agent—owes you money but they can’t find you, it becomes unclaimed money. You may have unclaimed money if you have changed your name or moved.

Where to search

If you think you have money owing to you, search:

  • The Public Trustee─unclaimed money from
    • Queensland businesses
    • Queensland Government departments (e.g. hospitals, schools and correctional facilities)
    • Queensland trust account holders (e.g. real estate agencies, solicitors and nursing homes)
  • MoneySmart─unclaimed money from
    • banks
    • credit unions
    • building societies
    • shares
    • life insurance.
  • Fair Work Ombudsman─unpaid wages.


If you have changed jobs, moved or changed your name you may have unclaimed superannuation.

Visit the Australian Taxation Office to track and manage lost superannuation.