Standard format plan maintenance

A standard format plan (SFP), previously known as a group title plan (GTP), defines land horizontally, using marks on the ground or a structural element of a building (e.g. survey pegs in the ground or the corner of a building).

A community titles scheme registered under standard format plan can include a townhouse complex where each lot has a building and a yard. The boundaries of lots in the scheme are defined by the measurements shown on the survey plan and any marks put on the ground when the survey was done.

Body corporate maintenance

The body corporate is usually responsible for maintaining:

  • roads, gardens and lawns on common property
  • facilities on common property (like swimming pools and barbeques)
  • utility infrastructure (like equipment, pipes and wiring) that is on common property, or in a boundary structure, or services more than 1 lot.

Lot owner maintenance

The lot owner is generally responsible for:

  • the inside of the building, including all fixtures and fittings (except utility infrastructure that is common property)
  • the outside of the building within their lot boundary, including exterior walls, doors, windows and roof
  • the building foundations
  • all lawns, gardens and driveways inside the boundary of their lot
  • utility infrastructure (like equipment, pipes and wiring) that is inside the boundaries of the lot and only services that lot
  • any fixtures or fittings (including on common property) that were installed by the occupier of a lot for their benefit
  • exclusive use areas the owner has the benefit of, unless the exclusive use by-law says otherwise.

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Paying for maintenance

The body corporate must consider its spending limits and budgets if it needs to spend money on maintenance.

The body corporate cannot pay for, or levy owners for, maintenance that a lot owner is responsible for (such as painting the building), unless it:

  • has an agreement with an owner


  • charges that owner for the cost of the work.

A body corporate can carry out maintenance and recover the ‘reasonable cost’ from the lot owner if the owner has not done maintenance required under:

  • body corporate legislation
  • a notice given under other legislation
  • the community management statement, including the by-laws
  • an adjudicator’s order
  • the order of a court or tribunal.

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