About regulation modules

Most bodies corporate are a community titles scheme registered under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997.

As well as the Act there are regulation modules which set out more detailed laws that a body corporate must follow.

How modules apply

There are 5 regulation modules for bodies corporate in Queensland.

This is a general guide to the type of scheme each module is aimed at:

  • Standard Module—highly regulated, suitable for all schemes but especially where most owners live in their own lots.
  • Accommodation Module—less regulated, suitable for schemes where most owners let their lots.
  • Commercial Module—some regulation, suitable for commercial premises.
  • Small Schemes Module—some regulation, for schemes with 6 lots or less.
  • Specified Two-lot Schemes Module—less regulation, for schemes with 2 residential lots.

See the laws that apply for each regulation module.

If you want to find out if your scheme is registered under the BCCM Act or find out what regulation module applies to your body corporate, you can get a copy of the community management statement from Titles Registry. Schemes that do not have a Community Management Statement registered do not fall under the BCCM Act and regulations.

You may need to use an online distributor for your search. Alternatively you can visit or contact the Titles Registry office. For any questions about the process please contact Titles Registry.

How modules are set

Only 1 regulation module applies to a body corporate at any time.

The regulation module for the scheme is set by the developer (original owner) of the scheme, unless the body corporate changed it later.

Once a scheme is built, the developer has to register it by recording the plan of subdivision and a community management statement with the Lands Titles Registry.

A community management statement has details about the scheme, including which regulation module applies.

Changing a regulation module

A body corporate can change the regulation module it is registered under if it believes another regulation module is more suited to the scheme.

Find out more about how to change a regulation module.