Housing opportunities portal

We’re looking for ideas with potential to deliver new housing.

We want solutions that will:

  • make land available for temporary or permanent housing
  • repurpose existing buildings into housing or innovative project ideas that we may be able match with other ideas to increase housing supply.

Submissions can be:

  • immediate to short-term opportunities
  • opportunities that may have barriers to development, require cross-government collaboration or have a longer delivery time.

We will consider submissions about:

  • land—if you own land, or are the trustee or hold a long-term lease over land that may be suitable for delivery of a housing solution, we want to hear from you. This can include repurposing existing buildings.
  • ideas—tell us your project concept that will address housing supply or deliver a particular housing solution.

Who can submit

Anyone over 16 years of age, private enterprise, not for profit organisations and local governments can submit an idea individually or as a group.

How we will use your submission

Your submission will be assessed by the department in consultation with relevant agencies and may be referred to a cross-agency working group for further consideration.

You then will be advised of whether your idea is suitable for progressing. Your idea could also be referred to an existing Queensland Government program or initiative, or used to help inform the future development of Queensland Government policies.

The Housing Opportunities Portal does not replace the existing significant initiatives being implemented under the Queensland Housing Strategy and Queensland Government programs such as the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative, the Housing Investment FundQuickStarts Qld and Help to Home.

If you have submitted your land or idea through one of these programs, you don’t need to submit it through the Housing Opportunities Portal.


Submit your idea via the portal

Read the terms and conditions and submit your idea. We will notify you that your submission has been received.

Initial review

We will review the information you provide, liaise with other government agencies and contact you if further information is required.

We will contact you when we’ve completed this initial review, including whether the submission will be considered furtherallow 4 weeks for this to occur.

Further consideration and outcome

Your submission may be referred to another agency or a cross agency working group for further consideration and development.

We will be in contact to advise you of the outcome.

Submit your idea

Read the terms and conditions before submitting your idea.

Submit your idea

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