Home Assist Secure

Home Assist Secure is a service for Queenslanders aged 60 years and over, or people of any age with a disability, who can’t undertake or pay for critical home maintenance without assistance.

This service provides safety-related information, referrals and subsidised assistance.

Your local Home Assist Secure service can provide information about:

  • home maintenance
  • repairs
  • minor modifications
  • safety and security upgrades
  • other assistance that the Queensland Government provides.

Staff can also help you:

  • employ tradespeople to do repairs or modifications
  • plan future work.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for Home Assist Secure services, you must meet all these criteria:

  • at least 60 years old or of any age with a disability
  • a Pensioner Concession Card holder
  • unable to complete the work yourself because it requires technical expertise or is a risk to your health and safety
  • unable to have the works completed through alternative assistance, such as through:
Answer these questions to be guided through the eligibility criteria before applying.

Subsidised assistance

If you’re eligible, you may receive a financial contribution towards labour costs for minor home maintenance or modifications that both:

  • relate to your health, safety or security
  • need to be done so you can remain in your home.

This assistance may include:

  • yard and outside maintenance
  • small repairs and maintenance
  • smoke alarm-related jobs, e.g. installation, battery changes, vents cleaning
  • jobs, repairs and maintenance requiring a licensed tradesperson (e.g. an electrician).

What we don’t do

Home Assist Secure doesn’t provide assistance for repairs or maintenance that’s the landlord’s (lessor’s) responsibility under Residential Tenancies legislation or tenancy agreements.

Read the guidelines for Home Assist Secure providers (PDF, 239KB) for details on how the program works.

Support for older Queenslanders during COVID-19

Home Assist Secure will provide extended services to eligible older Queenslanders and people with a disability who need extra support to remain in their homes, self-isolate and continue to access essential services.

As well as home maintenance, repairs and modification work that Home Assist Secure already delivers, service providers can offer further assistance including:

Deliveries of essential items

Home Assist Secure will work with you to ensure that you can access essential items such as groceries, medication, and health products, while you are impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Your local provider can offer contact-less delivery (knock and drop-off), if required.

Regular welfare checks

Home Assist Secure will conduct regular welfare checks if you require to ensure you’re well, have food and medication and are coping with isolation.

Referrals to community support services

Home Assist Secure will connect you to referrals for mental health support, cleaning services and other support services required.

Help after a disaster

If you’re eligible for Home Assist Secure, we can also help if you’re affected by a disaster event (e.g. flooding, severe storm, cyclone).

Community-based organisations and some local councils throughout Queensland offer practical help so you can remain living in your own home

Home Assist Secure may be able to refer you to a reliable tradesperson or provide you with information on securing your home after a disaster event.

Contacts and feedback

If you have questions, feedback or concerns about a service, or to apply for assistance, contact: